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About Live Events

The Islandora Foundation holds regular in-person events for our community to come together to learn and share.:

Islandora Camps: Small (20 - 50 people) three-day events held around the world, featuring two days of regular conference-style sessions, and one day of hands-on workshop training with tracks for developers and for front-end administrators. Islandora Camps can happen anywhere, but we typically try to hold at least two in North America and one in Europe.

Islandoracon: Our big (100+ people) gathering! In 2015 the Islandora community started to come together for a week-long event, taking the best parts of Islandora Camp and expanding them to a full conference. Islandoracon features a Hack/Doc, multiple tracks of conference sessions, targeted workshops, and extensive opportunities to meet up with other in the Islandora community.

Islandora Camps are held in even-numbered years. Islandoracon is held in odd-numbered years.

About Online and Community Events

The Islandora community is host to a wide variety of online groups and meetings, and some members organize their own face-to-face gatherings outside of Islandora Foundation events. We try to capture all of those meetings on the Islandora Community Calendar. If you would like to add an event to our calendar, please contact us.